Amber List Day 2 Test:

COVID RT-PCR home test kit for when you return home from an amber list country and are fully vaccinated

Please note this test can be used ONLY if you have been fully vaccinated and it has been 14 days + since your second vaccination or you are under 18 years old. Vaccination must be under the UK vaccination program or a recognised program in the US or other european country - find our more here.

This Day 2 test is NOT for Fit to Fly, return from Green list country or Test To Release.

If you’re going on a long-awaited trip abroad, you’re legally required to take a COVID test when you return. This test must be performed within 2 days of your return.

Government Listed Provider

Gold Standard PCR Covid-19 Testing methodology

Analysis by a trusted, accredited laboratory

Next Day Results via email from receipt at the lab

Unique reference number for passenger locator form provided with your order confirmation

KIT COST:£99.00

Don’t forget: before you go abroad, you may need a test to show that you’re Fit to Fly.

This Day 2 test is NOT for Fit to Fly, return from Green list country or Test To Release.

Our laboratory is trusted by world-renowned hospitals

This test is processed by HCA Laboratories, which is part of HCA Healthcare: one of the largest providers of private healthcare in the country. So, as well as carrying out thousands of tests daily for GP surgeries, hospitals and other clients across the UK, the lab supports world-famous HCA hospitals such as The Portland, The Princess Grace, The Harley Street Clinic and London Bridge Hospital.

Order now, take the test when you return

Anyone taking a trip abroad is required by the government to book at least one COVID PCR test before they return. If you:

‣ are travelling back from a country classified by the government as ‘amber'

‣ have not travelled to / through ‘red’ countries in the 10 days before your return

You need a Day 2 test, to be taken within two days of arriving in England (the day you arrive is Day 0). Order our test now, before you go away, so it’s ready for when you get home.

You can order multiple tests, for other travellers, rather than individual orders for each person.


Please always check the latest government guidelines before you order, as they’re being updated all the time.

How it works in 4 simple steps to complete the test

Our Day 2 Test can be used ONLY if you're returning from an Amber List country. Before ordering your test please check the amber list here.

Your Day 2 test needs to be taken within two days of arriving in England (the day of your arrival is considered day 0)

Step 1


You’ll need to order your Day 2 test before you set off home (the booking information will be required for your Passenger Locator Form, which you’ll need to submit before you can travel back to the UK).

If you order before your trip, you can also order your Fit to Fly test from us at the same time.

Once you’ve ordered, our customer service team will get in touch to clarify how everything will work. Then you’ll receive your test kit in the post.

Step 2


Once you’re back in the UK, you should carry out the test as soon as possible – certainly within 48 hours of your arrival.

Following the instructions, perform a simple throat and nasal swab. If you’re unable to do this yourself, the instructions explain how someone can help you.

The test should only be performed on the person whose name is on the kit, and it is not for anyone under the age of 5.

Step 3


Using the prepaid Royal Mail Track 24 envelope, post your swab immediately in a Royal Mail  Priority Post Box so that our lab teams can analyse and share your results as quickly as possible.

Step 4


We’ll send your official Day 2 pathology report by email. Results are typically next day from receipt at the lab. 

This Day 2 test is NOT for Fit to Fly, return from Green/Red list countries or Test To Release.

How to take your swab and return it to us


Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds using soap and water.

2. Unpack your kit

Check if your kit contains all items


Use a mirror to find your tonsils. Alternatively, if your tonsils have been removed find where your tonsils would have been.


Blow your nose gently and cough into a tissue, then throw the tissue away in a bin.


Be careful not to touch the soft end of the swab on anything except for your tonsils or nose when completing the test.

6. Complete the throat swab

Holding the swab in your hand, open your mouth and gently rub the swab over your tonsils and back of your throat for 10 seconds, then remove from the back of your throat. Looking in a mirror to help you do this.

7. Complete the nasal swab

Place the same end of the same swab gently into your nostril approximately 1 inch (2.5cm), or until you feel resistance. Rotate the swab for 15 seconds and slowly remove it. Using the same swab, repeat for second nostril.

8. Place the swab in the vial

Place the swab in the plastic vial with the fabric tip facing down. Snap off the other end of the swab so that it fits into the vial. Place the lid back on the vial and ensure it is fastened. Please make sure you assign the label with patient details to the tube. 


Place the plastic vial and the absorbant sheet into the sealable plastic bag.

10. Secure your sample

Place the plastic bag inside the biohazard bag and seal the biohazard bag.


Ensure the Name and DOB on the Request Form are exactly as on the vial.

Complete time and date swabbed and then sign the patient form..


Place the patient form in the box and then in the return bag, and place it in the nearest Royal Mail priority post box.

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